About Local Alternative Foods

At Local Alternative Foods we understand, as unfortunate as it is, that our global food system is failing us.  That our commercial and home kitchens have become reliant on a system of foods that are prepared elsewhere.  That not preparing food ourselves has led to foods designed for preservation that are based on heavily-processed, often oil-laden ingredients. The nutritional destruction and high environmental footprint that occurs when heavy processing is done to food is at the heart of the health, environmental and socio-economic challenges we, as a people, face today.  They result from our food system being global and requiring adulterating preservative techniques, rather than local and fresh whole food focused.

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Local Alternative Foods develops, produces and distributes products that match the expressed needs of consumers and foodservice operators for: fresh, locally meaningful, whole food plant-based options.

Our unique NexVeg products lines offer appetizing and creative, ready-to-use (RTU) opportunities that make it easy to access the health and financial value of the booming plant-based food economy.


The Motivation

At 18 my closest friend’s father was diagnosed with fatal disease, and given 6 months to live. I watched his wife consciously heal him with food, not chemically processed food, but 100% whole foods.

This sent me on my journey, to learn and create real convenience in whole food plant-pure dining. Now with 30 years of food service, and engineering under my belt, I recently gave a hug to my friend’s healthy father and his amazing wife.

- Jonathan Netzky
Founder, Local Alternative Foods / NexVeg™



Health is on the menu for 2021.  It is clearly supported by many studies, some running for over 30 years.  The science clarifies that the positive value of eating whole foods does outweigh the harm caused from consuming many unhealthy foods.  The key is to consume diverse whole foods daily, don't eat too much and make it mostly plants. Consumers and Chefs alike have been searching for NexVeg™, taste, health and convenience in one ready-to-cook product..



Can you think of a more sustainable food system than one that focuses on regional ingredients and distribution? We exclusively use ingredients in their grown or whole milled form, never fractionated or adulterated.

Our processes depend on proprietary tools and processes that optimize food value, minimize energy consumption, and trend to zero waste.

“We’ve spent years learning what the market demands are and developing, testing and validating our concept of whole food plant-based clean label food production to meet the needs.  We understand the power and opportunity that an improved food system brings to making people, local economies, and businesses stronger.”

– Jonathan Netzky, Founder Local Alternative Foods/NexVeg™