Hemp Infusions

Why Put Hemp Infusions on the Menu?

  • Excite your patrons with something new.
  • It's the upsell that people sell to themselves.
  • Meets or beats standard food cost margins.

New Trend 

1st Mover Advantage

Whether served on the plate or in a glass, packaged into your CPG product or bottled and labelled to your specification; early adopters are profiting and opportunity is abundant.


Ready to Cook

Pre-infused Products

NexVeg™ Center-of-plate  proteins and add-on cheezy sauces can be pre-infused to your specifications.  This  increases price point and, with no additional labor,  margins too.


Drinks Too

Infusion Upsell

Water solubility and the options of clear or cloudy and a full-flavor natural mild herbaceous taste, or flavorless.  Interested in upselling drinks beyond "make it a double?". 

Download the Guide: Hemp Infusions for Food & Beverage Applications  

What makes this Water-based Hemp Infusion right for your business?

Rapid Absorption Creates Brand Advocacy

Have you ever tried to mix your oil-based hemp with water? Oil and water do not mix.  Human blood is 90% water.  Theoretically we'd expect a water-based edible would absorb into our bloodstreams better than an oil-based one.  Theory, that was, until we got the data to prove it. (see graph below)

  • Rapid absorption binds the  infusion experience to your place of business and brand.
  • In 10 minutes this product offers 10x the cannabidiol absorption into the blood of Oil-based tinctures and Isolates.  (See graph below)
  • Notable whole-plant full-spectrum full-flavor "cloudy" style or tasteless and odorless.
  • Ready-to-use or resell, branded to your specifications. 

Figure: Plasma concentration to time curves of cannabidiol in formats of Water-based, Oil-based and Isolate; dosed orally to rats (2 mg Cannabidiol / kg body weight)


Succeeding with Infusions is Easy, When You Can Access and Verify:

  • Best-in-class products (including USDA Organic Certified) 
  • Pricing for F & B Profitability
  • Custom Packaging (for on-demand infusions or resale)
  • Process Definition (infusion / profit accuracy)

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