Glorious Whole Food Plant-based Burgers

Why add NexVeg™ to your burger menu?

  • Access New Diners - with "Everyone Can Eat it", non-allergen NexVeg™
  • Take pride in serving the healthy and most sustainable veggie burger in the market...
  • Build your brand, customizing the: ingredients, portions, forms and labels w/ no minimum orders
  • Eats great whether it's served hot, delivered warm or as a cold left-over.

Hemp & Seed

Performance Protein

16g Complete Protein per 4oz portion. The first vegan meat anywhere to be Certified Whole-food Plant-based!

Mama Burger- dressed

Tepary Bean

Locally Premised

Founded on deep rooted sustainability ethos.  "The Tepary bean is quite possibly the most sustainable protein on earth" - Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences



Black Bean

Familiar and Accessible

Ever thought about serving a Black Bean Double Cheeze Burger...?  NexVeg Menu Solutions make it really easy to serve uniquely comforting healthy food.

In Our Kitchens and On NexVeg™ Proteins' Labels, These Are The Only Ingredients You'll Find:


  • Raw Hemp Kernels
  • Tepary Beans (Akimel O'odham grown)
  • Black Beans
  • USDA Certified Organic Oats
  • Raw Pumpkin Kernels
  • Whole Grain Blue Cornmeal (Navajo grown)
  • Raw Sunflower Kernels

  • Fresh Carrot
  • Fresh Onion
  • Pure Dry Kale
  • Fresh Lemon
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Whole Dates
  • Arbol Chilies
  • Chiltepin Chilies
  • True Salt®
  • Pure Whole Food Spices
  • Grand Canyon Spice Co® Wood Smoked Spices

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (used in Tepary Line Only)
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Delicious, Healthy & Sustainable

It's All Accomplished with Whole Food Ingredients

  • What tastes better than pure unadulterated whole beans, seeds, grains and vegetables?
  • The science is indisputable.  The healthiest diets on earth contain the most whole unprocessed foods. 
  • NexVeg™ proteins are:
      • Excellent / Good Source: Protein, Fiber, Vitamins C, A, and Iron
      • Low or Reduced Sodium
      • Zero Cholesterol 
  • 90% lower carbon footprint than fake meat, 99% lower than beef
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