Ready for a Menu Update?

Planning a new plant-based dish?

What are the goals for your next menu?
  • Delicious - Of course!

  • Cull the slow movers - Definitely!

  • Get your piece of the latest trends - Absolutely!

And, the trends to capitalize on in 2021?

  • Robust and interesting plant-based offerings 
  • Delivery and Take out
  • Clean labels

hemp cheeze fries
quad photo-1

Robust Versatility

Make it All Plant-based!

When you can serve the same center-of-the-plate protein, in so many ways, to everyone who’s choosing to eat meatless - that’s great plant-based business!!  Ready to create your plant-based signature dish?


Online Matters

Get More Orders!

Need to differentiate your online offering?  Combine  Local Heirloom Tepary Beans, Heritage Navajo Blue Corn and protein packed Hemp Kernels, with the right SEO keywords and start counting new orders .


Clean Label

Clean Ingredients Do Not Have Ingredient Lists!

NexVeg™ Proteins are so clean that none of our ingredients require labels, i.e. "fresh carrots", "organic oats", "whole black beans", etc.  The photo above is of our actual ingredients.


Is your menu ready for a $15 minimum wage?

NexVeg™ visibly presents its artisan handcrafted quality, we put the labor in so you don't have to. 

NexVeg proteins are distributed ready-to-cook into: burgers, tacos, burritos, sausages, meatballs, plated entrées, pizza toppings, breakfast skillets, lasagna, soups, sauces and anything else you have on the menu - without added labor.  

hemp patty crop

Everyone can eat NexVeg™

what does your operations plant-based strategy look like today, and for tomorrow? What are your concerns: flavor, usability, food and/or labor costs, allergen liability, hold-times? Local Alternative Foods intimately understands these concerns and is here, ready to help.

Looking to navigate the plant-based landscape? 

Experimented with plant-based proteins?

Challenged to find some that meet your standards for:

  • Big, real-food flavor and intense nutrition 
  • Everyone can eat non-allergen and lightly processed whole foods
  • Sustainable premise to all Ingredient and processing choices

Ready to discuss the key opportunities that your menu presents for 2021 and beyond?

Request Your Customized Tasting

NexVeg meat alternatives are always free of:

  • Allergens (soy, wheat, dairy, peanut, tree-nut, sesame, eggs, fish, seafood)
  • Animal products
  • Protein isolates or any fractionated or adulterated ingredients
  • GMO ingredients
  • Chemical additives and chemical preservatives
  • Refined sugars or impure oils