NexVeg™ Protein Alternatives

The Whole Food Quality You've Been Looking For! NexVeg™:

  • contains No heavily processed ingredients or USDA Allergens.
  • plates-up as scratch-made real food without the added labor costs to your operations.
  • does not aspire to look, smell or taste like animal meat, NexVeg replaces it with something better.
  • meat alternatives are excellent / good sources protein, fiber, vitamins C & A, and iron, to mention a few...
  • has 90% lower Carbon emissions than fake meats claim, 99% lower than beef


Our goal isn't to fake meats, it's to replace them with entree proteins that are better: for the human diet, foodservice businesses, and our planet. 

- Justin  Benedict

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NexVeg Food Specialist


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Hemp & Seed

Performance Protein

NexVeg™ Hemp & Seed is a superfood with 16g complete protein per 4 oz portion and being first vegan meat anywhere to be Certified Whole-food Plant-based!


Tepary Bean

Locally Sourced

Founded on deep rooted sustainability ethos.  "The Tepary bean is quite possibly the most sustainable protein on earth" - Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences

black beans

Black Bean

Accessible and Familiar 

Ever thought about serving a Black Bean Double Cheezy Burger...?  NexVeg Menu Solutions simplifies serving uniquely comforting food that fills the role of a plant-based signature dish.

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There are Three NexVeg™ Protein Lines that are all as Easy to Use and as Versatile as Ground Meat

Chefs everywhere are waiting for transparently clean labels

You've demanded clean labelled plant-based protein products worthy of your attention and creativity. 

Now there's NexVeg

Clean vegan proteins that satisfy non-meat eating audiences with up to 16g of protein per 1/4 lb portion of NexVeg™ Hemp.


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Heritage Local Tepary Beans

Our first product and still a best seller, is premised on the great taste and 4000 year old celebration of one amazing legume, the Tepary Bean.  Having a deliciously nutty earthy southwestern flavor, this drought-tolerant, high-fiber & iron superfood is known as one of the most sustainable proteins on earth.  This ancient bean is sourced from the Akimel O’Odham tribes of the Sonoran Desert and can be traced back to the Hohokam People of the 1st century. 

Menu Solutions to Take Your Piece of the Plant-based Pie

You don’t need to learn your way around this niche product category to meet the need or benefit from the plant-based food trend. 

Whether it's high-performance hemp or super accessible black beans, we have the expertise to help you chose your base(s) and develop your competitive plant-based advantage.

We’ll focus on an offering of products everyone can eat based on your current menu.  

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Looking for a custom option?  Local Alternative's Rapid Product Development process and single case minimum order makes customization easier than you could imagine.

NexVeg™ Dishes are Packed with Satisfying Nutrition, they offer:

  • 100% Whole food ingredients

  • Excellent / Good Sources of Protein, Fiber, Vitamins C, A, and Iron

  • Low or Reduced Sodium

  • Zero Cholesterol 

Everyone Can Eat non-allergen NexVeg™ proteins, they contain:

    • No soy
    • No wheat
    • No gluten
    • No dairy
    • No egg
    • No peanuts
    • No tree nuts
    • No sesame
    • No GMOs

Looking for a new and different, a better plant-based protein for your Better Burgers, Better Tacos and creative culinary endeavors?  NexVeg™ is here!


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