Meat substitutes with your signature

The world is ready for whole-food, plant-based creativity at the center of the plate. Local Alternative Foods is maximizing this opportunity and putting it in your hands. Our focus is non-allergen, ready-to-use, and packaged to align with your scale and operations.

About Local Alternative, Inc.

At Local Alternative Foods we develop, produce and distribute products that match the expressed needs of consumers and foodservice for fresher, local, whole food plant-based ingredients.  Our technology is inherently sustainable. Local Alternative Foods produces appetizing and creative, ready-to-use (RTU) opportunities for everyone to access the health and financial value of the burgeoning plant-based food economy.

“We’ve spent years developing, testing and validating our concept of whole food plant-based Meat Substitutes.  We understand the power of whole food plant-based eating to make people, local economies, and businesses healthier.” – Jonathan Netzky, Founder

Our foodservice customers tell their stories here.

Per Technomic’s 2017 study 42% of consumers expect their dining experience to offer signature flavors that they can’t get elsewhere. But you don’t need to learn your way around this niche product category to meet the need or benefit from the trend. We have the expertise to help you develop your competitive plant-based advantage.  We’ll focus on an offering of products everyone can eat, which starts with the notion of NexVeg.

NexVeg™ is our product brand.  It’s been defined by consumer need and  tested for foodservice use in high-volume environments like the Grand Canyon National Park restaurants.

Local Alternative offers you real choices

You can serve NexVeg, or private label it.  Choose a specialty ingredient, provide your own spice blend or culinary profile and begin truly re-inventing your animal-based signature dishes, in their plant-based form.

Rapid product development cycle with no minimum order makes Local Alternative Foods the responsive choice for your unique plant-protein needs.

This value presents an amazing on-brand opportunity to welcome the widest cross-section of your evolving community into your potential customer base.



What does it take to put your signature on a menu item?

We’ll base your custom product on your:

    • Desired flavor profile
    • Specialty ingredient
    • Usage case
    • Price point
    • Forms
    • Pack sizes
    • Fresh or frozen distribution